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Customised Composite Front Doors

Callidus Installations are expert suppliers and installers of highly secure composite doors in Worthing. Our doors are high quality and energy efficient, coming in a variety of styles to suit all property types. They offer many benefits in terms of appearance and practicality, being an effective and simple way to increase your property’s value.

The strength and performance of our back and front doors provide your home with enhanced security measures. They also come as double glazed or triple glazed, for optimum thermal efficiency and acoustic retention. We offer additional security features, such as a range of lock types and security chains.

All of our composite door designs can be customised to meet your personal style or that of your property. We can match a door to your property based on its appearance, profile and the period it was built. You could find a gorgeous traditional style or diverge from the expected with a modern twist. We have a large array of colours and designs, as well as optional additional hardware. We will work with you to land on the door that fits all your requirements.

Solid Timber Core Doors

FORTREZZ provides us with all of our composite doors, manufacturing them locally in the UK. As a leading manufacturer, they ensure all the doors meet the highest security and quality standards and possess all the necessary CE markings.

These 48mm thick solid timber core doors provide impressive strength, simple functionality and high energy efficiency. They are cross bonded, veneered and laminated, with 17 separate laminations making them 10% thicker than other composite doors. Thanks to these laminations, the door has added durability built into its design.

As such a central aspect of your home, it is important that your door fits appropriately onto its face. You can specify your door’s foundation style, such as country, classic or urban. This is like the canvas you can build the rest of your bespoke door upon.

All our doors are ‘Secured by Design’, fitting in with the government funded initiative by the Association of Police Officers. This indicates that the doors have been rigorously tested and have met the highest standards of security. FORTREZZ use high-level security key locks, which are tested and approved by 3* and Solid Secure Testing.

You can customise your door using one of our many panel options, which come in various shapes, sizes and heights. We also offer a wide range of glazing designs, including decorative glass, patterns, Georgian bars and other features. This means your door looks especially beautiful from the inside and out, offering you privacy while letting in the light.

Quality Doors at Competitive Prices

We are always here to help and our wide range of products means that we have a door to suit any budget. Contact us today to chat to a member of our team and get a free quote!

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