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Functional uPVC Windows

Callidus Installations have been offering a wide variety of uPVC windows throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas for many years.

We are a family run business whose high standards have given us a fantastic reputation throughout the local area. We offer a personalised service which guarantees beautiful results. All of our uPVC windows come with a fully-backed guarantee for your peace of mind.

Our uPVC Windows are from local manufacturers - Platinum NRG. They are leading designers of high performance windows. All of our windows have exceptional thermal efficiency properties and are some of the best performing windows available on the market.

Our windows have a thin appearance but have 28mm double glazed sealed units which keep warmth and sound inside the home. All of our windows are manufactured from 70mm deep profiles and are available as Flush, Sculptured and Chamfered to suit your requirements. We offer a huge variety of styles and colours to suit your taste.

All of our window systems have been 'Secured by Design' - a government funded initiative by Association of Police Officers. The windows have all been heavily tested and certified for reaching high security standards.

Our uPVC Window Types:

Casement Windows - Made from durable and weather resistant uPVC frames, these are a durable and low maintenance option. They open in the classic casement window style.

FlushSASH Windows - Inspired by traditional timber windows, these are hybrid of modern and traditional styles. They are highly secure, low maintenance and weather resistant.

French Windows - Similar to casement windows, these have a greater aspect of light and space. They offer unobstructed views of the outdoors and make prime use of daylight.

Revival Windows - We can revive you old, worn out timber windows with uPVC low maintenance alternatives. The shape, sightlines and timber hardware will be matched but with uPVC.

Shaped Windows - We can create custom made windows to suit the unique shapes within your home. These require no maintenance and come in a variety of colours and finishes.

SlidingSASH Windows - Designed to look like traditional style sash windows - these maintain your home historic integrity whilst offering improved benefits such as energy efficiency and security.

SlimSASH Windows - An elegant option which has reduced sightlines. These allow plenty of light to enter the room and are incredibly secure.

Tilt & Turn Windows - A dual-function window which is extremely versatile. You can open the window in a tilt to allow ventilation or turn inwards and allow the window to swing into a large open are - just like a door.

All of our windows can be upgraded to triple glazing which is perfect for those who want to reduce their energy consumption and save on energy bills.

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