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High Quality Windows

For an unbeatable range of windows, Callidus Installations are here to help! We will find windows which suit your property requirements and budget perfectly. We have a team of expert installers who will ensure you are left with an ideal product which is installed to a high standard.

Your home should be a representation of your style. Our products not only look beautiful, but offer plenty of practical benefits. Our installation process is straightforward and all of our installations come with a fully-backed guarantee.

We offer PVCu and aluminium windows which each have their own unique advantages.


Our PVCu windows are manufacturers by PlatinumNRG. Their windows are extremely high performance and have improved thermal efficiency. We are proud to offer some of the best performing windows on the market.

Our PVCu windows have 28mm double glazed sealed units (although they have a thin appearance). This keeps heat and sound indoors. They are registered as 'Secured by Design' - a government funded initiative by the Association of Police Officers. This is a signal that they have met a very high security standard.

PVCu Styles

Some of our most popular PVCu window styles include:

SlidingSASH Windows - Classic looking windows which improve the look and functionality of your home. They offer improved energy efficiency and are incredibly durable.

Tilt & Turn Windows - Dual-function, versatile windows which suit all properties. Open them at a tilt for additional ventilation or open inwards into large open areas. A secure way of ventilating your home. They provide lots of daylight and unobstructed views.

Shaped Windows - Custom designed windows to suit all unique curves and shapes within your property. These can suit a replacement window in your choice of colour and finish.

SlimSASH Windows - Elegant windows which have reduced sightlines. These have a large glass area which allow realms of light into your room. These windows offer improved efficiency and are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

and many more.


Our aluminium window range is from manufacturer Regler, who create their products in their local factory. Our windows are available in dual-colour options in a wide variety of RAL colours and finishes for a completely individual look!

People choose aluminium as it is a more environmentally friendly material which is stronger than PVCu, durable and low-maintenance. It is fully recyclable and has a thin profile for a contemporary look.

Aluminium Styles

Residential Casement Windows - A classic look for all homes - modern or traditional. These have high quality aluminium frames and the configuration can be customised to suit your property. These windows offer improved security, insulation and may even increase your property's value!

Tilt & Turn Windows - A modern, practical option. These open both inwards and outwards, providing a consistent airflow and improved security. These are great for all residential and commercial properties. They are an energy efficient option and available in a huge range of colours and finishes.

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