Aluminium Commercial Doors

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aluminium commercial doors
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Aluminium Commercial Doors

These Krios thermally enhanced Aluminium Commercial Doors are the perfect choice for any commercial, educational, or communal facility. Designed to provide a versatile and stylish solution to ground floor entrances of commercial properties. These doors frame the entrance of the building to look inviting, while giving clients or customers and sneak peek inside the shop front, car showroom or hotel lobby.

These doors come with anti-traffic and anti-finger trapping, so even with the doors in constant use, they can cope with the large amounts of people traffic without posing any risks. They are an extra safe option for commercial property, using multi-point locking mechanisms for enhanced security. These doors are designed with any easy installation in mind, so we offer pocket or bead glazing for on-site application. These aluminium commercial doors are suitable for both single and double storey application.

Design Features

  • Pocket or Bead glazed for easy on-site glazing
  • 110mm deep frame to allow for various application types
  • 55mm frame profile, for a slim appearance and more visible glass
  • Thermally broken screening
  • High-traffic, anti-finger trap doors
  • Air Permeability – 300pa, Wind Resistance – 1200pa, Water Penetration – 300pa
  • Wide range of hardware available for full customisation
  • Multi point locking mechanisms
  • Fully compatible with the Blyweert range and Beaufort range of systems


  • Shop frontages
  • Hotels and office blocks
  • Schools, colleges, and other academic institutions
  • Public and communal entrances
  • Car showrooms
  • Low to medium rise applications
  • Large expanse glazing

Additional Information

These Krios Aluminium Commercial Doors are available in traditional non-thermally broken or thermally broken profiles. A thermal break is beneficial, in that it prevents the aluminium from conducting or losing heat as easily, so the outside and inside frames can coexist at different temperatures.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of any single and dual finish colours, including metallic finishes with anodising. We also house a large range of hardware, so these doors are fully customisable to meet your needs. Enquire with us to find out more about the colours and hardware we have for you.


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