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aluminium patio doors
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Aluminium Patio Doors

Our aluminium patio doors are a stylish finish to any property, offering a slim profile and sleek modern feel. Allow daylight to flood into your home through the slim frame and maximised glazing which construct this minimalist patio door. The Notus Inline Sliding Door system offers a variety of door combinations, including fixed lights and sliding doors, so we can create the perfect fit for your home. Aluminium is the ideal material for a frame, being robust and lightweight, offering enhanced security while sliding open and closed with ease. It is an environmentally conscious choice as well, being sustainable and 100% recyclable.

The properties of aluminium mean that you can be worry-free after the door’s installation since they are resistant to warping and rust. There is no need to paint these doors to maintain their stunning finish, which is available in a variety of colours.

Notus is available in single, double, or triple track options, which can compliment any application. These doors are a hard-wearing and stylish solution to any property type (see applications).

Design Features

  • 3-chamber window and door system, offering a safe and secure entry to your home
  • Two pane sliding door or window
  • Designed with optimum insulation and ventilation, and high performance glazing
  • Vents weighing up to 200kg can be manually operated
  • Lightweight and strong aluminium material
  • Single, double, or triple track options
  • Fixed lights and sliding door combinations
  • Air permeability – 600pa, Water tightness – 2000pa, Wind resistance – 1600pa
  • Multi point locking mechanisms for enhanced security


  • Very versatile application, ideal for a wide range of properties
  • Ideal for new builds or development projects
  • Perfect for low, medium, and high-rise buildings
  • Can be for light, medium and heavy-duty commercial use
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions

Additional Information

Enquire with us to find the variations we offer in colour finishes, glazing options, handles and door profile. We offer a variety of combinations, including fixed lights and sliding doors, so we can design the perfect fit for your property. The configurations of this aluminium patio door can be stacked to meet your space needs.


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