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pvcu bi-fold doors
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Bi-Fold Doors

Transform your home with these stunning PlatinumNRG Bi-fold doors, allowing you to open out an entire wall and let the outside in. This product will add an extra dimension to your home, enhancing it with space and light. These doors are highly versatile, easily opened like your standard patio door, or can be folded up to the space leading into the garden. Their operation is simple, and they can be customised according to your needs, including a low threshold option for ramp access, ideal for wheelchair users.

These bi-fold doors are energy-efficient, being made from durable and secure uPVC frames and sealed glass units. They are a practical and attractive solution to modernising your home, while reducing energy consumption and keeping you cosy. They are easy to install and maintain, due to the long-lasting and high-quality materials used in their manufacture. They are the perfect solution to energise your home and open up your living space.

Bi-Fold Door Features

  • Low maintenance 70mm deep uPVC frame
  • Fully sculptured frames
  • Wide range of opening styles and configurations
  • Secure shoot bolt locking system
  • Anti-jemmy security blocks
  • Internal or external opening, with both options internally beaded
pvcu bi-fold doors
pvcu bi-fold doors


The bi-fold door is built with versatility and simplicity in mind. It can be opened like a conventional door or be folded up by the movable elements that can be folded left or right. The sashes are supported by and hinged upon a mullion. At the bottom of the door, there is a roller mechanism which slides along the track, working with the mullion at the top guided by another roller mechanism. This door can be designed in many opening configurations, so it can best fit your space.

Additional Information

Colours and Finishes

This PlatinumNRG Bi-fold door comes in a varied range of colours and finishes. It can be dual or single colour, with the finish being different or matching on the inside and outside of the frames. The standard colours available include, White, Ream, Oak and Rosewood. More alternative and bespoke finishes are also available, so you can tailor the door to your tastes.

The handles and hinges are available in white, chrome or gold finishes.

Low Threshold Option

We offer a low threshold option, creating less of a trip hazard, offering a more friendly family entranceway, ideal for infants and the elderly. The ultra-low threshold is just 24mm in height, and can also come with a tray for the threshold to sit in, forming an easy access ramp for wheelchair users.


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