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pvcu casement doors
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Casement Doors

These Casement Doors are the perfect choice for the main entrance to your home. They are made from high-quality materials which offer maximum security, and come with a wide range of customisable features, including various finishes and door furnishings. The door is made from uPVC, tested to the highest standards, and is environmentally friendly being made from calcium-based stabilisers.

The door can come as a Sculptured or Chamfered frame, depending on your style preference. There are also a variety of decorative and patterned glass options to both offer security and add an aesthetic charm to your home. The standard colour is white, which undergoes a unique polishing process for a more sustainable easy clean surface, but various other woodgrains and Renolit® foil colours are also available.

Design Features

  • Lead-free uPVC frames, 100% recyclable by using calcium-based stabilisers
  • Dual weatherseal, providing extra protection against the elements
  • Special hook bolt locking system
  • Low-line glazing bead with low-profile gaskets for improved security
  • Dedicated uPVC door hinges
  • Various handle, colour and finish options
  • Triple-glazed option available
pvcu casement doors
pvcu casement doors

Glazing Options

We have a wide range of glazing options, which are perfect fit in this casement door. There is patterned backing glass, coming in a variety of designs, providing you with privacy and style. Our decorative glass options are a beautiful choice for any home, with colourful stained glass available, as well as custom designs. Enquire with us to find out more about our patterned and decorative glass, for concealing the inside of your property with style!

Additional Information

Low threshold option

We have an optional thermally broken aluminium low threshold available, providing ease of access through the entrance.

Colours and Finishes

White is standard colour for this door, and it is also available in various woodgrain finishes, including, Whitegrain, Oak, Rosewood, Black, Cream. At request, we offer Renolit® foil colours, offering even more extensive choice to personalise the door to your tastes.

There are a variety of handle colours and styles available, to suit both front and back doors. The colours include: Gold, Bright Chrome, Bright Bronze, Black, Antique Black, White and Graphite.


We have a Chamfered frame, with a flat, neat appearance and more visible glass, or a Sculptured frame, which has a more rounded and decorative finish.

Add-ons and Furniture

We have plenty of door furniture for you to choose from, including door knockers and sturdy chain locks, enhancing the appearance and security offered by this casement door.


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