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pvcu flush sash french door
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FlushSASH Doors

Part of our FlushSASH range, this door has the same traditional timber appearance as the FlushSASH window, with the sashes fitting flush into the frame. It combines the durable, energy-efficient properties of modern uPVC with the classic styles of timber frames. This is the ideal choice for period homes, which require sensitive renovation, or for new builds which are inspired by traditional aesthetics.

These traditional style products are enhanced through the PlatinumNRG foils, which come in several colour variants to provide the perfect match with your home. They achieve their elegant appeal by faithfully matching the timber detailing, using a woodgrain finish. Similar to timber, these uPVC frames are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, since they are manufactured using lead-free uPVC. The FlushSASH door is highly energy efficient, and can perform to a U Value of 1.4 W/m2.K. This far exceeds tired and worn-out timber doors, helping any homeowner to save on electricity bills and increase property value, while maintaining the subtle elegance of their period property.

Design Features

  • Subject to stringent security and energy testing, achieving an A+5 energy rating
  • 70mm uPVC profile, durable and low maintenance
  • Slender opening leaf hung on butt hinges
  • Multi-chamber profile
  • 28mm double or triple glazing
  • Sightlines to replicate timber detailing
  • Wide range of woodgrain finishes
pvcu flush sash french door
pvcu flush sash french door


  • Ideal for period homes, with these doors being almost indistinguishable from the traditional timber style
  • Modern properties with a traditional edge
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Especially suited to Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian properties
  • Ideal entrance into a garden, with the view outside beautifully framed by the stylish detailing

Additional Information

Timber Woodgrain Effects

These windows come in a range of timber grained effect foil finishes. This means the styles are personable to your style or can replicate your original windows. The standard finishes we house include: White, Whitegrain, Oak, Black, Rosewood or Chartwell Green. In most cases the interior of the frame is white, while the exterior has the woodgrain effect.

Glazing Options

We offer a vast range of glazing options, including decorative, obscured, and patterned glass.

These are just some of the additional features we have to offer, if you have any specific requirements then please enquire with us today!


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