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flush sash windows
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FlushSASH Windows

Another classic design from Callidus Installations, these FlushSASH windows are inspired by traditional timber windows, with the sashes fitting flush into the frame. A hybrid of the modern and traditional styles, they are noted for their classic lines between the windowpanes. They are manufactured using high standard 70mm uPVC frames. This durable material is our favourite due to it being low maintenance, weather resistant, and offering high levels of security.

Another bonus of this product is it is manufactured using environmentally friendly, lead-free uPVC, which is also fully recyclable. Furthermore, the windows themselves can substantially reduce energy consumption and cut your electricity bills through their efficient insulative properties, locking in heat, and keeping out the noise.

You can choose between our 28mm double or triple glazed, sealed units, for the greatest heat retention and energy performance. These FlushSASH windows have an A+5 energy rating, meaning they are an energy-conscious choice for any buyer looking to maintain their home’s traditional aesthetic.

The Fully Mechanical FlushSASH Window

We are pleased to offer new, fully mechanical FlushSASH windows, with a “Deep Bottom Rail” option. These windows are designed to better match the appearance of an authentic timber window, with the bottom rail being 85mm high, as opposed to the standard 50mm. This is mechanically jointed into the sash, giving the window its more traditional appeal.

Design Features

  • Subjected to stringent testing, achieving an A+5 energy rating
  • 70mm uPVC outer frame
  • Multi Chamber Profile, constructed of 6 chambers, which ensure the most efficient insulation and strong structural integrity
  • 28mm double or triple glazing
  • Wide range of timber grained effects (see additional features)

Additional Information

Mechanical Joints

The mechanical joints on these FlushSASH windows are the standard since they work to replicate the traditional mortise and timber joints. If you are interested in adding mechanical joints onto the outer frame of your window, for that truly authentic timber appearance, then enquire with us and we can make sure to include them.

Glazing Options

We house a wide array of glass options, including decorative, obscured, and patterned glass. We also offer leaded glass in diamond or square patterns, and Georgian bars. If you are interested in stained glass, you can choose from our selection, or you may request a custom design and ask us to match it with your original windows.

Timber Grained Effects

These windows come in a range of timber grained effect foil finishes. This means the styles are personable to your personal tastes or can replicate your original windows. The colour choices for the fully mechanical FlushSASH window is slightly more limited.

These are just several of the additional features we have on offer, if you have any specific requests then please enquire with us today!


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