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french windows
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French Windows

These French windows are an attractive style, with the intention of truly opening up your home. With the same great features as our casement windows, these French windows offer a greater aspect of light and space. Similar to the French door, the main appeal of these windows is unobstructed views of the outdoors, and prime use of daylight. The sunlight entering your home can help to keep it warm, while the insulation of the windows locks the heat inside.

Since these windows have a large opening area, they let lots of air flow into your home, while also meeting fire escape regulations. The frames are made from hard-wearing uPVC, tested to the highest standards. As well as the obvious elegance in the windows’ appearance, they have hidden great quality features, such as easy clean hinges with a 90° opening and a combination of roller bolts and shoot bolts in the locking mechanism, for high security.

Design Features

  • Strong uPVC frames
  • Hinges with a full 90° opening, which slide the sash across, allowing access to the outer sash for easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance in retaining their security and energy values
  • Combined shoot bolts and roller bolts offer 6-point locking: the upper and lower parts of the locking mechanism work together, with shoot bolts located in the keeps mounted on the frame, and the roller bolts contracting to lock the sash into the opposing keep.


  • Simple, elegant design to suit any home or other property type
  • Ideal for homes requiring an access point for a fire escape
  • New and refurbishment properties
  • Can be easily fitted into the space of your previous window

Additional Information

You receive a 10-year guarantee by ordering through Callidus Installations, so you can enjoy your new windows worry-free.

Security for these French windows can be further enhanced by adding optional hinge bolts.

Enquire with us today to find out more about the colours, handles and glass options we offer on these French windows. It is our pleasure to find you the perfect window for your home!


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