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inner patio doors
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Inline Patio Doors

These PlatinumNRG Patio Plus doors, are an incredible new product with many innovative features. They are designed with a sleek and modern appearance, using extra slim sightlines, allowing you to enjoy a maximum amount of daylight and make the most of the view.

The operation of Patio Plus is especially smooth, due to its revolutionary ‘air-glide’ system, for an easy and silent open and close. In addition to its elegant appearance and smooth operation, this patio door has been fitted with the ModLok™ modular locking system, meaning it has enhanced security, exceeding other standard locks in terms of its strength and configuration. For even greater security, you can request the optional ‘anti-snap’ locking cylinders, meeting the latest security testing standards.

On top of its excellent operation and security, the Patio Plus is also the most thermally efficient product of its type available on the market. Its five-chamber system keeps the cold out and the heat in, this means fuel costs remain low while your home is as cosy as ever.

Design Features

  • Unique 5-chamber system for maximum thermal efficiency
  • ModLok™ locking mechanisms with 4 hook bolts, and 2 shoot bolts for high security
  • One-piece locking ensures no finger traps
  • Clever ‘crash’ stops and bespoke wrap over the threshold to prevent scuff marks
  • Revolutionary ‘air-glide’ system for easy operation and silent open and close
  • Entirely lead-free uPVC frames, meaning they can be 100% recycled
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting materials, meaning Patio Plus will look good-as-new in 10 years’ time


  • Very versatile application, ideal for a wide range of properties
  • Ideal for new builds or development projects
  • Perfect for low, medium, and high-rise buildings
  • Can be used for commercial use
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions

Additional Information

We have enhanced security options available, such as the ‘anti-snap’ locking cylinders, which meet the latest and highest security standards.

Callidus Installations can offer you different styles, including two, three, and four paned patio doors. We also have an array of different colours, coming in White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak and Irish Oak. Our handles have a variety of colours to match with your door of choice.

Enquire with us to find out more about enhanced security and colour customisations!


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