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revival windows
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Revival Windows

Callidus Installations will revive your old worn-out windows, faithfully replicating the period timber style. The shape, sightlines, and timber hardware are matched on every detail, but with the added benefits of low-maintenance and durable uPVC. Revival from PlatinumNRG have taken care of the details, and can even include a working stay and peg, which you can specify to fit your taste.

A step-up from other window frames, this 85mm deep frame is made up of seven chambers, giving even more thermal efficiency and structural strength to the window’s design. This complex insulation is inconspicuous, however, where the appearance remains classic using a deep sculptured edge.

Design Features

  • Sensitively designed around the period timber window
  • 7-chamber uPVC frames, offering a strong structural integrity and optimum insulation
  • 85mm frame
  • 7 colour options to choose from, incorporating a woodgrain finish
  • 4 sash options available
  • Lead-free and fully recyclable uPVC
revival windows
revival windows


  • Ideal for those who have a period property and need their old and draughty timber windows replacing with secure, low-maintenance and insulated modern materials.
  • Perfect for those who have just purchased a property where the replacement windows do the home a disservice by not matching the traditional aesthetic. These Revival windows offer the best way to reinstall the ‘original’ style.

Additional Information

The Revival range has 4 uPVC sash windows on offer:
  1. Chamfered sash, offering a flatter, neater appearance with more of the glass visible
  2. Sculptured sash, with a more rounded and decorative finish
  3. Our 6-chamber, thin and elegant, SlimSASH
  4. The 4-chamber FlushSASH, with the option to select a wide bottom rail using fully mechanical joints
Additional features

We house a wide range of glazing, handle, and finish options. If you need decorative, obscured, or patterned glass, then you can choose from our selection, or enquire about a custom design. We also offer a service where we can match it to your original window.

We have various styles of handles, with push buttons or keys, coming in different metal colours. Lastly, we offer 7 colour options for the frames of these Revival windows, making the most of the woodgrain appearance to match the traditional timber frame. Enquire with us to find out more about customisation or anything else we can help you with!


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