Shaped – Arches & Gables

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pvcu shaped windows
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Shaped – Arches & Gables

Callidus Installations are pleased to offer you custom made window, gable end and door designs, to fit into the more unique shapes of your home. We can make gothic arches, circles, D frames and triangles. Our products are made from uPVC, requiring practically no maintenance, with the durable material being wiped clean with ease. They can come in a variety of colours and finishes, so we can match it to the style you desire.

These bespoke windows are the perfect option for a replacement, where the style uses an old shape, or for a newer property, where you want to utilise every nook of the outer walls to let in maximum light. Feel adventurous in your use of space, pay homage to gothic architecture, or add a sense of grandeur to your home’s profile with Callidus Installations.

To manufacture the right fit to your home, all you need to provide is a dimensioned drawing (for a circle or true arch), or a template of your required design. No matter what you are looking for, we will work with you to achieve a perfectly fitted bespoke window.

Design Features

  • Tested to meet high security standards.
  • Gothic arches, circles, D frames and triangles
  • Made from low-maintenance uPVC
  • Customised shape
  • Secure your home in style
pvcu shaped windows
pvcu shaped windows


  • Ideal for any property with a unique window shape
  • Property featuring gothic arches
  • Perfectly fitted into triangles, arches, and circles
  • Make for a more interesting profile or entrance to your home

Additional Information

The nature of these windows, doors, and gable ends is a bespoke product, therefore, whatever your design requirements are, we will do our best to meet them.

We house a large range of colours, finishes, and handles. We also have a variety of glass options available, if you need any specific tint, mirroring, resilience, or obscuration.

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