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tilt and turn windows
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Tilt & Turn Windows

This PlatinumNRG Tilt & Turn window is our favourite, dual-function window, due to its versatility and ingenious styling. As the name describes, the window can open in both a tilt to allow for optimum ventilation, and can turn inwards, swinging into large opening areas, like your standard window or door.

Dual functioning, but simple, these windows are the prime option for those that want to ventilate their home securely, tilting it open ajar with peace of mind. The design offers a slim, easy maintenance and practical window with a modern aesthetic. It is a brilliant large window design, with a large glass area, allowing for unobstructed views and lots of daylight.

Design Features

  • Internally glazed frames, making the glass more secure as it cannot be removed from the outside
  • 28mm double glazed units, for optimum heat and acoustic insulation
  • Sealed units, making your property secure and draught-free
  • Low maintenance uPVC frames
  • Tested to meet high security standards
  • Secured by Design (SBD) status
  • All our PlatinumNRG windows can be specified to be A+ rated

Frame Options  

Chamfered Frame

The Chamfered frame is bevelled, with a flatter, neater appearance. It has more visible glass and the uPVC is slimmer. This allows more daylight to stream into the room. This style of window is ideally suited to a wide range of properties, especially for when you want to take advantage of the extra light.

Sculptured Frame

Our Sculptured frame, or Ovolo frame, has a more curvaceous and decorative finish than the Chamfered frame. This style would be ideal in conservatories or for larger window applications, where the extra amount of light is not an issue. It offers a more elegant appearance due to its decorative nature.

Additional Information

Glazing options

We have a wide range of glass options, including decorative, obscured, and patterned glass. If you are interested in stained, leaded, or patterned glass, you can choose from our selection, or you may request a custom design and ask us to match it with your original windows.

Handle options

We offer a large selection of handles, from push button through to traditional tear drop designs, with a key lock. Our colours include white, graphite, gold and more.  


We house a vast range of finishes so you can match the colour with the style and tones of your property. Enquire with us to find out the range of colours and styles of finishes we have on offer!


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