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triple glazing
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Triple Glazing

The benefits of PlatinumNRG Triple Glazing are unparalleled by any standard single or double-glazed window. This high-quality insulation is the perfect choice for customers who want to reduce their energy consumption, lower their carbon footprint, and save on energy bills. All this can be achieved, while reaping the benefits of a warmer, cosier home.

Triple-glazing makes use of 3 glass panes, with air cavities in between each section, for maximum heat and sound retention. Also, the uPVC structure of the frame is more complex, making use of 6 chambers which offer greater insulative properties.  

Not only are you more insulated against the outside cold and noise, you also benefit from enhanced security measures, with the multiple panes not only being harder to break, but also using toughened glass in the second pane. In appearance however, they operate just like their standard double-glazed counterparts, allowing for splendid views, daylight, and increased peace of mind.

Design Features

  • Uses three panes of glass, allowing sunlight and warmth in, while also keeping the heat inside and insulating against acoustics outside
  • The internal pane of soft coat glass is designed to reflect heat into the home
  • 6-chamber uPVC frames, offering a strong structural integrity and optimum insulation, meaning there is no need for thermal inserts
  • Argon filled cavities in between the glass panes, improving the U-value, enhancing soundproofing, and reducing the likelihood of condensation and frost
  • Warm edge spacer bar technology, leading to low conductivity and greatly improving the thermal performance of the windows
triple glazing
triple glazing


  • Suited to any property type
  • Ideal for new residential properties
  • A good investment for business properties, where you can save on electricity bills
  • Refurbishment properties will greatly benefit, where older windows often have poor insulation

Additional Information

PlatinumNRG Triple Glazing exceeds current thermal efficiency Building Regulations and is Passive House (Passivhaus) Compliant.


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